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Protect Personal Info

Your trust in Urban Partnership Bank is of the utmost importance. We want to help you guard against disclosure of your personal information that could lead to identity theft. Learn more about how you can help protect yourself and partner with Urban Partnership Bank to protect your identity.

Computer Security

Looking for the latest tips on how to increase security on your personal or work computer? Obtain helpful hints on doing just that.

Email Security

Urban Partnership Bank will never ask you to provide account information through email. Gain additional insight on safe email usage.

Password Security

You choose your password to protect yourself. Discover some tips on how to choose a password and protect your identity.

Document Security

Wondering which sensitive documents to keep, and for how long? Get tips on what to store and what to shred.

Check Consumer Alerts

Check here for important consumer alerts from the FDIC including reports of suspicious or fraudulent activity involving banking consumers or products.