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Phishing Activity - Text Message

There is a text message being fraudulently sent to some customers’ cell phones claiming to be from Visa® stating: “Due to unusual activity, your account has been closed.” The numbers then given to call are 1-888-568-2788 and 1-888-579-4442. Upon calling these numbers, the instructions request the card number and pin number. 

If you get a text message that warns you that an account of yours will be shut down unless you reconfirm your billing or account information, or that you will have an upcoming charge, do not reply by phone or click on the link in the text message. Instead, contact the company or your bank referenced in the text message using a telephone number or website address you know to be genuine (because it appears on a billing statement, for instance, or on the back of your card). 

Several similar types of fraud attempts have been reported, and appear to be widespread geographically. Fraudsters are utilizing a variety of ways to obtain personal private information and are able to trick victims into divulging personal and financial information with the following schemes:

  • Text messages sent to Visa® customers indicate that customers should call a specific number and provide credit card information based on a freeze on their accounts.
  • Computerized calls indicating possible tampering of debit cards ask customers to enter their 16-digit debit card number. The phone number shown on Caller ID appears to be a legitimate number, possibly hijacked by the fraudsters.
  • Phone and text messages state that cards have been suspended and direct Visa® members to call a number to reactivate their cards. When members call back, they are instructed to input their card numbers and PIN; counterfeit cards are then created, and ATM / debit card PIN-based transactions take place in foreign countries. 
  • Credit card holders receive a telephone message from an unknown party who leaves a telephone number for the member to call. The caller ID reads "Economic relief." When members return the call, they are prompted to press 1 to lower rates; a person then comes on the line and asked for social security number, credit card number, etc.

Please note that Urban Partnership Bank will never solicit you for personal private information outside of the course of business that you initiated. Do not respond to requests for information unless you initiate the request - this includes requests via email, phone, text messaging, or through the mail. 

 If you have questions, please contact us at: 1-800-905-7725 or email*

*Do not send personal or account information unsecured via email. Go to Urban Partnership Bank’s Secure Email portal in Online Banking for more information.