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Prevent Identity Theft

Identity Theft, Fraud and Suspicious Activity are common issues posing significant risk in to personal information in today’s world. Urban Partnership Bank is focused on helping to prevent these activities. Review the information and resources we have compiled about fraud, identity theft and other related online risks.

What is Phishing?

Learn how phishing works.

FDIC Phishing Warning

The FDIC is warning consumers, businesses, and financial institutions to be aware of fraudulent emails.

Phishing Activity - Text Message

Text messages are being fraudulently sent.

Identity Theft

Discover some tips on how to protect your identity.

Safe use of Social Networking

Review tips on securely using social networking sites.

Spyware Prevention and Detection

Review practices to prevent spyware.

Additional Security Resources

Review these resources for additional tips on how to combat fraud, phishing, etc.

How to Identify a Scam

Check tips on how to identify an email scam or fraud.