Welcome to the University of Financial Independence

Like anything in life, what you get out of it depends a lot on what you put in. Our role is to provide you with smart student banking products and service so you're off and running and financially responsible… books, school gear, dorm décor, eats, spending money… from day one.

Options to think about include a Student Advantage checking account, savings and certificates of deposit (CD), plus free perks like financial education workshops on topics such as how to start building your credit, saving for a house and investing in your community.

The years ahead will be some of the most exciting in your life. Bank with and on Urban Partnership Bank.

upbAnywhere online and mobile banking

[Our executive team] brings leadership and expertise to Urban Partnership Bank that will help us provide underserved urban neighborhoods with quality financial services and contribute to our long-term success as a strong community development bank.

- William Farrow
Former President and CEO, Urban Partnership Bank