Personal Account Application

Urban Partnership Bank is an FDIC-insured, community development bank whose mission is promoting economic and environmental sustainability in underserved urban neighborhoods to build better lives and vibrant communities.

Your deposit at Urban Partnership Bank is about more than just account balances and interest rates. It’s also about making a difference. We help small businesses grow and create good jobs and strengthen nonprofit organizations. And we work with our customers to renovate and purchase quality, affordable residential and commercial properties.

So when you place a deposit account at Urban Partnership Bank, you’re making a real difference – not just in your own life earning a competitive rate on your deposit, but in the community too. 

To apply for your account1 please complete these short and easy steps:

  1. Read the terms and disclosures.
  2. Print and complete the one page application. You will need information from your primary identification to complete this form.2 It will take approximately 5 minutes. If using a PO Box for mailing purposes, the street address must also be on the form4
  3. Photocopy two forms of identification, including one primary2 and one secondary.3Urban Partnership Bank requires two forms of identification to comply with bank regulations stipulated in the Patriot Act.
  4. Write a check in the amount of your initial deposit or provide funding instructions.
  5. Mail your application, ID copies, and deposit check (or funding instructions) to:

Attn: Mission-Based Deposits
Urban Partnership Bank
PO Box 19260
Chicago, IL 60619

Upon receipt and review of your application packet, if approved, Urban Partnership Bank will open your account and mail you information regarding your new account. You should receive your account confirmation and welcome packet within ten business days.

1This application process can be used for all personal deposit accounts.

2 Primary identification includes: driver’s license/state ID card, passport, military ID, and Matricula Consular Card (Note: An Individual Tax ID Number (ITIN) must also be submitted if a Matricula Consular Card is submitted as your primary identification. 

3 Secondary identification includes: a second primary ID, utility bill, or employment/student ID card.

4 Federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain and record certain minimum information for each natural person related to an account and must establish procedures to verify that customer's identity. Type of information required includes a social security number, birth date, collection of identification and a physical street address. To comply with the mandate of the Patriot Act, Urban Partnership Bank requires this information at the time the account application is submitted.

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