Urban Partnership Bank Supports Local Nonprofits

At Urban Partnership Bank, we’re all about making a difference in our communities. And one of the important ways we do that is by participating in a wide variety of community activities and events that support the work of local nonprofit organizations in areas like education, health care, the arts and more.

Recently, we worked alongside residents, businesses and nonprofits to raise funds from the sale of some gently used office furniture and artwork. We donated the proceeds to several impactful nonprofit organizations-- Greater Roseland West Pullman Food Network, Musical Arts Institute, Kids Off the Block, Roseland Christian Ministries' Home Renewal Program, Shoes and Clothes for Kids, The Centers for Families & Children, and the Teen Living Program.

We’re proud to support our communities at Urban Partnership Bank. It’s part of our mission to make a difference every day. That commitment, coupled with access to responsible financial services and products that catalyze growing small businesses, job creation, and housing renovation, is the foundation on which vibrant, healthy urban neighborhoods are built.


From left: Diane Latiker, Founder, Kids Off The Block, Michael Manson, Executive Director, Musical Arts Institute, Ed Karasek, Chief Operations Officer, UPB, Marcus Bennett, Pullman Branch Manager, UPB, Pastor Gilbert, Greater Roseland West Pullman Food Network, Joe Huizenga, Executive Director, Roseland Christian Ministries.

Bank staff with large donations check

From left: Urban Partnership Bank staff Yvette Powe, Ed Karasek, Marcus Bennett, Sonja Frazier, Darlene Stevenson, and Valerie Hill



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