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    When you bank with us, you contribute to something greater than just your financial future-- you're making an investment in our communities in Chicago and Detroit. You’re creating jobs. You’re building new homes. You’re growing local businesses.

    A key challenge in urban communities is overcoming the decades of disinvestment that denied these communities the capital necessary for economic growth and development. Urban Partnership Bank forms part of a legacy of Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) and Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs) that work to prioritize these communities’ success.

    Year after year, Urban Partnership Bank has consistently directed around 80% of our total lending to support people and projects in low and moderate income neighborhoods (surpassing the 60% minimum required of all banks with CDFI status). Additionally, our MDI certification is a reflection of our diversity. Both our board of directors and the communities we serve are predominantly composed of people of color.

    When you deposit your money with us, you join this legacy too. We rely on depositors from across the country to help us further our mission. Banking with us, you can be confident that your money will support people and projects that add to the vibrancy and life of low and moderate income neighborhoods. It matters where you bank.

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