A Community Bank Helping Small Businesses Turn The Corner

A cleaning service. A paper shredding company and a food manufacturer started by former executives. A security firm got the vehicles it needed to expand. All are customers from our communities.

Bring your entrepreneurial spirit and ready-to-grow business to Urban Partnership Bank, and let’s talk, beginning with a free business analysis.

We’ll gauge your financial needs and match you with a specialist versed in all things small business banking. SBA loans, merchant services, interest bearing savings and checking. All of it.

Plain and simple, it’s about sound financial convenience, flexibility and peace of mind, so you can focus on customers, employees and profits. That’s the word on the street.

[Our executive team] brings leadership and expertise to Urban Partnership Bank that will help us provide underserved urban neighborhoods with quality financial services and contribute to our long-term success as a strong community development bank.

- William Farrow
President and CEO, Urban Partnership Bank