Urban Partnership Bank

We are an FDIC-insured community development financial institution [CDFI] and minority depository institution [MDI] with over $600 million in assets.

We are proud to be one in a select group of fewer than 100 community development banks in the nation to be certified with the CDFI designation, and one of roughly 40 financial institutions in the U.S. that are certified as both an MDI and CDFI.

Certified CDFIs such as Urban Partnership Bank serve economically distressed communities and underserved people by providing access to financial services and products that are often unavailable. CDFIs are community-based organizations, including banks and credit unions that spur economic growth and development by offering a wide range of responsible affordable financial services.

So, working hand in hand with like-minded individuals, businesses, nonprofits, foundations and faith-based organizations, we strive to be catalysts for positive change.

It starts with the Community Reinvestment Act

Through this commitment we're able to meet the financial needs and promote affordable, responsible banking products to individuals and businesses people in low- to moderate-income neighborhoods.

This translates to credit, capital and other financial services and sustainable growth opportunities otherwise unavailable in economically distressed urban areas.

It also means a sharp focus on technology upgrades will result in even better service for UPB customers who prefer to bank via computer, smart phone, mobile app, etc.

We'll never stop advocating for people

The designation as a CDFI reaffirms our mission to understand the economic needs of our communities, our commitment to build stronger ones, and our dedication to improve people's lives and future. To realize this mission again and again, we will:

  • provide financial products and services that are otherwise unavailable to underserved communities
  • spur economic growth and development through our wide range of responsible, affordable financial services and technology
  • partner with community organizations and individuals to:
    • increase commercial activities that connect to the regional economy
    • develop affordable apartments and homes for purchase
    • grow small and midsize businesses and new jobs
    • support nonprofits including faith-based and foundations

Our Community Partners

All About Kids Learning Academy
Investing in Communities [iiconline.com]
Northern Trust

Our Community Programs

Back to School Supply Drive
Community Shred Day
Money Smart Week
Winter Clothing Drive for Kids
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

If you’d like to learn more about CDFIs and the CDFI Fund, please visit cdfifund.gov.

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